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WordPress 3.0 is now available for download

Yesterday, WordPress 3.0 was released. In my opinion, this version has set it up well to give Joomla a run for its money. The feature that has sealed the deal for me is the ability to now create menus and publish them in various menu positions just like you would do with widgets.

Also the post types feature is a big plus as now you can have pages, posts and other types of posts. A good example of how this would be used is in the I could create a new type of posts say portfolio which will have a collection of all portfolio items in the website.

WordPress and WordPress MU have been merged into one. You can watch the video below to get what else is new in WP 3.0.

Efficient Related Posts Plugin

Related posts in your blog is a good way of increasing page views and the time users spend on your blog. The problem with many related posts plugins is that they slow down the blog considerably (though popular posts plugins are worse). This is because many of them create the related posts list for the posts every time a post is loaded. Some supposedly support cache but it doesn’t seem to help.

I came across a neat related posts plugin, the Efficient Related Posts. It uses a more intelligent approach as it generates the related posts whenever a post is saved. This is a much better approach as posts are viewed more times than they are saved. It knocked off 0.40 seconds in the loading times of the one of the sites we maintain.

It also supports the normal options like categories to ignore, number of related posts to display and where to insert the related posts (single posts, pages and RSS feed). Try it out and let us know in the comments how it goes.

Update your WordPress installs

Here at KEEN we love anything WordPress and though we’d spread the message about a vulnerability that has been discovered. There has been a worm going around infecting self hosted WordPress blogs. If you have not yet updated your installations of WordPress to version 2.8.4 and for WordPress MU to 2.8.4a, make sure you do it today.

According to this article on Mashable the worm creates a hidden administrator account and it messes up the permalinks of your site. If you suspect that your blog is infected, export your posts from your blog and then do a clean fresh install. After you are done import your posts to the new install. You have to do this because the worm finds its way deep into the database.

UPGRADE your WordPress blog today!

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