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New KEEN Website Design

Well its been long overdue but i finally got some time to work on my site. I dropped the ‘eye’ from keeneye. For some reason (which I still don’t get) its a hard name to read. But KEEN is still a good name so I aint complaining. The first like 3 prototypes I had done were all Joomla but when I got a chance to look into WordPress, they were all rendered obsolete papo hapo. WordPress is the so much better than Joomla but let me leave that for another day.

I opted for a simple design for the homepage and tried to squeeze a bit of everything on the homepage. The idea was to have as much info on the homepage as I could because statistics show that a good chunk of visitors leave a site after checking out the home page. So the more visitors can get on the home page the better. I think I may have missed out on previous site whose home page was pretty much just like a blonde. Pretty with no content :) Continue reading

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