5 Simple, But Useful CSS Properties

I came across this article on some simple CSS properties you can that can come handy in design of website layouts. You may already know about them but this article breaks them down really well outlining how you can use them to do masking (clip) and handle wrapping of elements (white-space and display)

This post is about 5 useful CSS properties that you should be very familiar with, but will most likely rarely use. I’m not talking about the new fancy CSS3 properties. I’m referring to the old CSS2 properties such as: clip, min-height, white-space, cursor, and display that are widely supported by all browsers. So, don’t miss this post because you might be surprised how useful they are.

Read the full article here.


  1. Calvin says:

    Very useful, any good links will help enhance my web development..what about the css for width and different screen resolution, I usually make my designs in wide-screen hp laptops and when I projects them for presentation on a projector or view them on a none wide-screen monitor i get disturbing results

  2. KEEN says:

    Calvin you can check out this post http://css-tricks.com/resolution-specific-stylesheets/ It gives tips on how you can include different stylesheets depending on the resolution/size of the browser window

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