KEEN is a web and new media consultancy firm based in Nairobi, Kenya. We have a passion and KEEN eye for good design, be it in web or in print. We have been involved in numerous web projects. You can view some of them at our portfolio.

Our Services
Web Design: Design of websites with a focus on usability and accessibility. We also incorporate Content Management Systems (CMS) for ease of update of content.

PSD Conversion To CSS/XHTML: If the design of a website is already done in Photoshop (PSD), we can convert it to valid CSS/XHTML. The design can also be ported to a WordPress theme or a Joomla template.

WordPress: We design Custom WordPress themes for blogs and for normal websites that use WordPress as a CMS.

Joomla: We design Custom Joomla templates for websites and develop e-commerce websites based on Joomla/Virtuemart with intergration to Paypal, PesaPal and iPay payment gateways.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): All of our designs are coded and optimized with SEO in mind.

Our Team
Andrew Kinai – Lead Consultant: Andrew is a PSD slicer and CSS/XHTML designer with a great love for WordPress. You can follow him on twitter @AndrewKinai


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